BBC Academy guides

Guides use the interactive BBC ‘iWonder’ format to provide users with introductory information about a topic.

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BBC Academy courses

I produce online courses with browser-based authoring tools such as Gomo and Elucidat.

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New manager e-learning

I produced several interactive courses with Adobe Captivate for a software company in 2015. This was their first-ever online corporate training, deployed to hundreds of employees worldwide.

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Course development

Produced for an assignment in my graduate program, this is my curriculum for a short online course, with readings, resources and assignments.

Introduction to ICT4E

Interactive video

I created an interactive training video using Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Captivate.

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Animated videos

I can use simple animation tools to make more dynamic videos.

  • What is ICT4E? This whiteboard video, created with VideoScribe, served as an introduction to the topic in a course development project in my graduate program.
  • HR Manager Requests This GoAnimate project introduced staff to a new business system via digital displays in offices.

Created in Piktochart, this infographic uniquely simplified and brought together a wide range of research in a new and often patchy area of study. It was widely shared online and included in the international “Gender and Mobiles” e-newsletter.

Women and Mobile Learning: Tapping the Potential