Role: I created the design and interactions using Elucidat. Each of the seven modules had a different exercise with detailed feedback, ranging from editing and re-ordering an existing news story to writing brief sample radio scripts to a timer, based on a press release.

Brief: Journalists who are new to writing for radio often have to learn to write for the ear, not the eye. This course was developed to help staff learn the principles behind writing news bulletins for the radio and have chances to practice them and test their knowledge in a variety of exercises.

Process: A senior producer worked with the trainer to write the text and develop the types of interactions they wanted before they knew what would be used to build the course. I produced the 15-second videos of the trainer for the end of each module and did all the creative design and build in Elucidat. Where technical limitations impacted the original idea, I modified the exercises with the trainer.

Result: 45-minute online course.


Role: I designed and built the course in Gomo including videos, a quiz, and simple interactions.

Brief: TV two-ways was originally a day-long face-to-face course taught by several trainers with no common course outline. It was decided to standardize and move the introductory material online and reduce the class time to half a day of active practice and feedback with a trainer.

Process: After working with the trainer and SME to work out the learning outcomes and chunk up the topic into modules, I filmed the SME’s intro and outro videos outside Parliament. The trainer sourced an animation and several other videos, and I built the course.

Sample interactions: In one exercise, the learner watches a video of a journalist doing a two-way three different ways and is asked to think about which one is best. On the next screen, she explains which was the correct answer and why. In the final exercise, the learner is asked to read a news story, film themselves doing a two-way about it on their phone, and send it to the trainer to provide individual personalized feedback.

Result: 1-hour online course.


Role: I built the course in Gomo based on a module structure, videos and quiz questions supplied by the trainer.

Brief: When SMEs are asked to provide face-to-face training in their area of expertise, many are completely unprepared about how to structure a lesson according to best instructional principles. This course was designed to help staff learn the basics of training so that they could chunk up their topic and lead effective one-hour modules on it.

Process: As the trainer was clear on how she wanted to make this course when I joined the process, I primarily worked on how best to design and arrange the text, videos and quiz questions in an easy-to-digest manner.

Result: 1-hour online course.