Laura Taflinger

Digital content producer and learning designer


Learn a new piece of software to do the job? Quickly learn all I can about a topic so I can comfortably work with a stakeholder? Whatever it is, I constantly seek new knowledge to inform my decisions, and I am engaged by new challenges in the digital world.


I want to find the best solution for the problem. This often requires challenging the status quo and being open to different creative possibilities. Of course we should look to evidence of what works — but being agile can also produce effective results.


Since university, I’ve lived in San Francisco, London, small-town New York, southern Arizona and Birmingham (UK), working for individual clients, small organizations and large companies. Whatever the situation, I adjust and find ways to grow and develop my skills.

Transferable skills

News journalism

While on a 9-mo attachment as a journalist with the BBC technology programme Click in 2018-19, I juggled research, shooting and editing in a weekly deadline-driven news production cycle.


Video production

I have been shooting and editing videos for over a decade, mostly documentaries, web features, educational pieces and multi-camera events.


Learning design

I work with subject matter experts and trainers to figure out the best way to present their knowledge online. From interactive courses to simple resources, I aim to produce something that sticks with the learner.



Due to my training in journalism and years spent working in online media, I aim for concise “plain English” (in both US/UK style), even in academic writing.