Role: I produced the video and created the design, interactions and scoring system.

Sample: (no longer works, older version of Captivate) 


Brief: Introduce managers to the Japanese management philosophy of “Gemba,” and have them understand how it can be applied in the workplace. No previously-existing training on the topic.

Process: Various SMEs worked together to develop a realistic interactive video script with various decision points a manager might have to make.

Result: A 10-minute e-learning module, initially deployed to over 200 managers worldwide via SharePoint, then used in trainer-led classroom discussion sessions for employees. For each of 6 decisions, there were 2-3 choices, a “Gemba tip” and feedback on why the chosen answer was correct or incorrect before continuing with the story. Each correct decision was assigned a point value, and learners were asked to restart the scenario if they scored under 80%.


Gemba1 Gemba_presenter Gemba5
Actor in scenario video Video presenter Video describing scenario result